About WAFI International

Wafi International is the first company specialized in the development of non-profit organizations and social responsibility programs across the Gulf region.


In an attempt unique of its kind, Wafi International wanted to present a modern model from the first day of its inception. In order to offer excellent services to its clients, the company brought together a team of highly qualified professionals with significant experience in charity and social work, and business management.


From day one, Wafi International is proud that its work is not aimed to satisfy only its goals for development alone, but also to satisfy the public and private sectors, non-profit organizations and society at large.


At Wafi international, we believe that we are laying the cornerstone for a new and broad business sector. For that reason, Wafi International understands the social responsibility and loyalty required by the Gulf society to meet international standards through a humanitarian Islamic culture while always seeking new avenues for sustainable development. These can be achieved by meeting our responsibilities vis-à-vis future generations through transparent performances and by means of setting a model for those who want to support us or benefit from our work.


  • Wafi International is the strategic partner for institutions that seek to advance a mechanism for developing their resources and sustainability, and offer satisfactory programs to their clients.
  • Wafi international is the ally of charity institutions that wish to supervise their projects and offer high-value programs to society.
  • Wafi International provides special programs that enable institutions to achieve their goals by means of reinforcing their presence in the social economy through their various roles in serving their respective societies and promoting their commercial identity.



The vision of Wafi International is to become the pioneer in management and financial services, and in managing social projects of non-profit organizations across the Gulf.



We are a team of professionals who work in the field of management and financial services, and in managing social projects of non-profit organizations and social responsibility sectors. We invest our expertise in the fields of business management and non-profit organizations management, utilizing the best international practices through our partners worldwide.



1- International Standards:
Since its inception, Wafi International keenly established international and professional standards adopted by international associations and organizations, as well as international experiences and know-how. These values were considered as references for the work of our teams.  


2- Transparent Performance:
At Wafi International, we adopted from the beginning, transparent performance with all parties benefiting from our services: whether it is the public or private sectors, donors or society members, because we believe that everyone is our partner, and transparent performance is the basis of trust between donor and beneficiary.  


3- Sustainable Resources:
At Wafi International, we thrive to base our values on our customers’ needs. Therefore, sustainability of resources is amongst the most important values upon which we stress in servicing non-profit organizations and associations.



1- Effective Relations:
The birth of a new sector in non-profit organizations requires effective and efficient relationships with all other sectors: public, private and non-profit. Hence, Wafi International’s strategy is based upon strengthening cooperation among these three sectors through effective associations.  


2- Innovative Services:
Rapid development requires rapid innovative services. Consequently, Wafi International adapted this strategy to motivate itself and others involved in this sector to smoothen interaction with society.  




At Wafi International, we believe that teamwork is the main component of our success and development. That’s why, the company chose highly-qualified professionals in the field to support our clients and offer them the right solutions for their business to grow and achieve their goals.


Within the framework set by Wafi International to abide by international standards, the company chose five international specialist bodies to include as strategic partners towards its pursuit of success and also established alliances with seven local companies that offer various services associated with its field of work.


With all our attention aimed at satisfying our clients’ needs, the pride of our teamwork resides in our team of consultants, which include thirty consultants, offering Wafi’s clients their extensive experience in business, non-profit organizations and social responsibility programs.  


Scope of Work:

1- Developing Charity Associations

2- Developing Donor Institutions

3- Developing Social Responsibility Programs

4- Social Initiatives