Sustainability and Responsibility

The social responsibility programs of many companies have become an international trend, and a regional demand dictated by the challenges facing our societies. In view of the economic standing enjoyed by the Gulf region, local and multinational companies have endeavored to prove their belonging to the societies in which they work. Hence, social responsibility was the seed of this new and continuously developing strategy.  


Based upon our mission at Wafi International to develop social responsibility programs and support the expanding social responsibility sector, we have garnered, thanks to the expertise of consultants on our strategic thinking team, the best international practices in the field and tried to harmonize with the environment of the Gulf.  


Through the strategic cooperation with our clients, we aim to achieve the following goals:  

  • Developing ideas of social responsibility projects;
  • Developing work models of social responsibility projects;
  • Managing social responsibility projects;
  • Managing media campaigns related to social responsibility projects;
  • Managing the public relations aspect of social responsibility projects; and
  • Managing the benevolent teams of social responsibility projects.