The Gulf society is naturally generous and charitable. In fact, time has proved that countless efforts have been made in the aim of developing society. This generosity is made obvious by the hundreds of charity associations run by around 15,000 wealthy families across the Gulf, and who are continuously thriving to develop the societies in which they live.


With increased international awareness and the desire of many associations to develop their work according to emerging trends in sustainable development, Wafi International offers this sector various services which are aimed at attaining the following results:


  • Developing and managing quality development projects
  • Developing the “Awqaf” and sustainable investments with the support of specialized bodies
  • Developing standards for charity and donations
  • Transferring charity experiences to subsequent family generations
  • Developing wide-ranging relationships with the media and charity associations
  • Structuring the capital acquired through alms according to the needs of society
  • Organizing the internal work mechanism both manually and electronically