Charity associations seek to expand the main sources of their evolution and sustainability, which include developing financial resources and sustaining them. Through the various studies realized by Wafi International during its establishment phase, we found the basis to develop any charity association is by developing its skeletal frame, i.e. its financial resources.


Based on these findings, we, at Wafi International, thrive together with our clients in charity associations to attain major results. Some of the most important include:  


  • Developing a mechanism to develop long-term financial resources;
  • Diversifying sources of income for charity associations; Innovating and developing products that attract benefactors and donors;
  • Developing a communication mechanism with benefactors, before, during and after the donation is contributed;
  • Developing a relationship of associations between donors and beneficiaries;
  • Developing the “Awkaf” and investments in cooperation with specialized bodies;
  • Training human talent capable of transforming resources into sustainable sources; and
  • Organizing the internal work mechanism both manually and electronically.